Maximum Winnings

The minimum stake per transaction is:

Mobi: R1.00
Online: R5.00
Tele-Bet (All): R10

All horse racing winnings are subject to a 6% government tax deduction.
All sports winnings are subject to a 0% government tax deduction, unless a multiple is taken that involves a horse racing bet, the winnings will be subject to a 6% government tax deduction.
A bet is accepted on the understanding that it is the investment of one customer and the maximum amount that one customer may win on one day's trading, irrespective of the stake is listed below.
Where bets have been transacted on different days, the 'maximum amount that one customer may win on one day's trading' is determined by the day that the final event/market is resolved and not on the individual day on which each bet was transacted.
Should a number of bets, containing the same selections be placed by one or more account holders, and World Sports Betting has reason to believe that these bets originated from the same customer or syndicate of customers, World Sports Betting reserves the right to limit the total payment of all such bets to the maximum amount that a single customer may win on one day's trading.
Where the selection of multiple bets is made from different categories listed below, the lowest daily maximum will apply.
The maximum payout (before any betting tax deduction) to any one customer or group/syndicate of customers, including bets from the same source (which includes utilising your own account or that of another account of any another one customer or group/syndicate of customers or cash bet thereof), for any single days trading, or its currency equivalent amount is as follows:

Sports Betting R 3,000, 000.00
Lotto Betting R 3,000, 000.00
Power Ball R 3,000, 000.00
Lucky Letters R 3,000, 000.00
Horse Racing R 2,000, 000.00
Soccer 4 & 6, Soccer GG and Rugby 5 R 2,000, 000.00

Please bear this in mind when staking your bet(s).

Lotto, Power Ball, Multiple Bets and Yankee type bets are also limited to the lesser of the R3,000,000 Payout/Ticket limit or R3,000,000/1 Odds/Dividend Limits.

Totalisator Open Bet Carryovers/Net Pool Ruling
World Sports Betting base their Dividends/Payouts/Open Bet odds on the official dividend declared by Saftote and do not consider dividends declared by any other division or Totalisator in the Republic of South Africa.
World Sports Betting however reserve the right to utilise other dividends where we deem that the Totalisator pools are of significant size to produce stable and market related returns or odds.
In addition to the above limits World Sports Betting reserves the right to limit a dividend/return on a payout to the extent that the total payout does not exceed the "Nett Tote Pool" or in other words the Gross Tote pool less the Totalisator deductions.

Open/Exotic bet dividends are based on figures released from the Totalisator Operators Phumelela and Tabgold. Should there be no winning tickets on any pool on the Totalisator (ie a full carryover) but winning tickets at World Sports Betting, World Sports Betting will pay a dividend determined by dividing the Totalisator net pool by the number of all winning combinations at World Sports Betting. The maximum liability to any customer or syndicate of customers as may be determined by World Sports Betting in its sole discretion shall be limited to the total net Pool. These dividends and pay-outs will be subject to ticket limits. By way of example if a Trifecta is not won on the Totalisator and a Net pool of R10 000 is carried over. There are 10 winning combinations at World Sports Betting on this event then the Net pool of R10 000 is divided by 10 and a dividend of R1000 will be declared by World Sports Betting on this event subject to Open bet limits.
At NO point will dividends exceed the Net Pool.
Where a portion of the pool is a carryover and is declared by the Totalisator on an Open/Exotic bet, World Sports Betting shall pay the winning dividend as declared by Saftote.
However, the liability shall be limited to the value of the Pool paid out and NOT the value of the total pool.
By way of example, if a Trifecta net pool is R10 000 on an event and a dividend of R900 is declared to 7 winning tickets of 63% of the net pool on Saftote (total payout R6300) and a carryover of R3700 is declared, then World Sports Betting's maximum liability to any customer (or syndicate of customers or any group of people as may be determined by World Sports Betting in its sole discretion) shall be limited to the value of the pay-out, being R900 for the R1 unit.
The carryover figure will not be taken into account in declaring the dividend as the calculation of the dividend has already taken the carryover figure into account.

Although World Sports Betting limits online transactions, bigger limits can be obtained by phone betting transactions i.e. placing your bet by phoning our call centre. If you feel these limits are inadequate, kindly place your bet telephonically or part thereof, or contact Customer Care to discuss a larger limit on 0860 10 33 93 (+27860 10 33 93 or email us at accounts@wsb.co.za).



By setting betting transaction limits (the maximum amount that can be won on any betting transaction whether it be a single bet or a multiple bet), WSB seeks to regulate and control its financial exposure with regards to specific sporting events and/or specific bet types.

The customer’s attention is drawn to the fact that it is possible that the computer software programme may possibly fail and may permit betting limits to be exceeded. I.E. for example, if a horse racing betting limit is R10 000.00 but the computer software programme permits a customer to take a bet to win R30 000.00 i.e. an excess of R20 000.00 over the permitted betting limit, WSB shall be entitled to void the bet to the amount exceeding the prescribed limit i.e. to revise the betting transaction accordingly in line with the prescribed limits. 

In the event that a customer transacts a number of individual betting transactions which either constitute the same betting transactions and/or similar ones (betting patterns within the same event or permutation), these transactions will be treated by WSB (at any time either before, during and/or after any one or more of the effected sporting events has occurred) as constituting one combined betting transaction. In the event, and as a result of the combining of the betting transactions, it should transpire that the maximum payout limit amount is exceeded, then WSB shall be entitled to adjust the betting transaction (combined) to bring same within the maximum payout limit (if necessary, WSB shall be entitled to void all betting transactions and to replace same with a single bet transaction). 

Although the maximum win limit amounts indicated limits the amount that a customer may win, WSB, in its sole and unfettered discretion, shall be entitled to limit a customer’s win limit amount. In the event that where a customer’s win limit amount is fixed and this win limit amount is exceeded (due to human error and/or the malfunction of the computer hardware and/or the electronic software programme) WSB shall be entitled to adjust the betting transaction in question, at any time, and in order to bring the betting transaction win limit amount within the customer’s maximum win limit amount parameter.


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